Tuesday: 22/01/19

Surf : 2-3 foot (chest high)

Wind : Extremely light S increasing throughout the day.

Weather : Overcast this morning becoming sunny this afternoon.

High Tide : 1.07pm - 1.36m

Low Tide : 7.03pm- 0.18m

Clean 2-3 foot waves here at smiths this morning. Winds are extremely light onshore so aren’t effecting the conditions too much. There are fun waves to be had at Smiths Beach today as some swell has stayed around from yesterday. The higher tide would be more appropriate for beginners.

Open beaches are in the 3-4 foot range and glassy, so despite the onshore direction there could be great waves on offer but likely lots of paddling and strong rips.

Cat Bay will offer fantastic waves over the higher tide but it will be very busy. Waves there will be in the 3 foot range and should fantastic during the high tide. .