Saturday : 20/04/19

Surf : 2-3 foot (0.60-1.00m) Waist to chest high

Wind : NE-E

Weather : Sunny and beautiful

High Tide : 12.41pm - 1.61m

Low Tide : 5.48am - 0.43m & 6.22pm - 0.59m

2-3 foot here at Smiths this morning. Winds are light offshore from the NE and conditions are clean and straight and very inviting. Fun waves all day for all levels of ability.

Open beaches are looking great with waves in the 3-5 foot range. Winds are perfect offshores and clean straight waves over excellent banks. Best between mid to high tide when there is a little more water over the banks. Experienced surfers only as there will be plenty of water movement.

Cat Bay will have waves in the 2-3 foot range however this North wind will be onshore and bumpy here in the bay - better prospects on the south side of the island today.