Thursday : 19/09/19

Surf : 2-4 foot + the odd bomb (0.60-1.20+) Knee to chest high + the odd overhead set

Wind : Light NE tending N with a gentle sea breeze

Weather : Sunny and beautiful

High Tide : 3.14pm - 1.53m

Low Tide : 8.54am - 0.51m

Another day of amazing waves and weather. Good options across the island for a variety of ability levels.

There are some really nice peaks out here this morning with nice lefts and rights from the middle of the beach for more advanced surfers. The afternoon will become more user-friendly for all levels.

Open beaches would still have a few sizey sets but across the afternoon will become an option for advanced surfers.

The Cat Bay area would have a few playful options once the wind switches later.

Super inconsistent on the coast today so even though it looks fairly small there will be those illusive bomb sets coming through occasionally.