Developed originally for guys that surf well, but need a little extra paddle power, this board has become very popular as a performance all-rounder.  Ridden 2" shorter than the Me, this model sits in between the Me and the Slop Rocket.

Its designed wider throughout the middle for increased paddle and forgiveness, but has a refined nose and tail for performance. It comes with standard (medium) entry and exit rockers to provide balanced speed and manouvarability. Mid to full rails help maintain performance whilst allowing some forgiveness.  Most guys order this board in a thruster and it is considered the best paddling high performance board in Ringas range. 

Suited to intermediate to advanced surfers looking for more paddle or a shorter board, the 3rd Gear is an all-round performer in beachies to mid-sized reefs in the 2-6ft+ range.


   L          W          Th        Vol        Wgt

5'10     19 5/8     2 3/8     29.5    60-80kg

6'0      20           2 1/2     32.0    60-80kg

6'2      20 1/2     2 5/8     35.5    70-90kg

6'4      21            2 3/4     38.5    70-90kg

6'6      21 1/2      2 3/4     42.0    70-90kg

6'8      22           2 3/4     44.0    80-100kg

6'10    22 1/4      2 7/8     46.5    80-100kg


* Pricing for this model includes...

Plain white with black decals and a pro-finish. Thruster (3) fin set up, and Standard glassing (6,4/4oz)

For custom sprays, tints, decals and finishes please call the factory on  (03) 5952 2578

Fin Plugs:
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