Originally this board was designed for Francis who needed a contest board that was versatile in all conditions, with awesome paddle power and maneuverability.  A lot of time and development was put into getting the best performance to paddle ratio in this design. Today its one of our most popular all-round short boards. 

The Short Black has a lowish entry rocker for paddle and speed and a standard (medium) tail rocker for maneuverabilty and late take-offs.  Single to double concaves create speed and the ability to make critical turns.  This board goes well in most conditions from small beachies to good sized reefs in the 2-6FT+ range.  The 5 fin set-up allows you to ride it as a thruster or quad providing further versatility. 

Fast, smooth, responsive and a great all-round traveller the Short Black is for the intermediate to advanced surfer or the heavier surfer wanting performance.


  L          W         Th         Vol        Wgt

5'10    18 3/4     2 1/4      26.0    60-80kg

6'0     18 7/8     2 1/4      27.0     60-80kg

6'1      19 1/4      2 3/8      29.5    60-80kg

6'2     19 3/8    2 3/8      30.5    70-90kg

6'3     19 3/4    2 1/2       33.5    70-90kg

6'4     20         2 5/8      35.5     70-90kg

6'6     20 1/2   2 3/4      39.5     80-100kg


* Pricing for this model includes...

Plain white with black decals and a pro-finish. Thruster (3) fin set up, and Standard glassing (6,4/4oz)

For custom sprays, tints, decals and finishes please call the factory on  (03) 5952 2578

Fin Plugs:
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