Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you get treated like a pro at Island Surfboards. Call the Factory Team today.

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At Island Surfboards we have hundreds of years of board making experience all under one roof.

Our onsite factory team provides a full end-to-end custom design service.  

You speak directly with an experienced shaper onsite or over the phone.  

We then tailor a unique design that will get the most out of your surfing.


There are not many places in the world where you can walk straight out the back to a working surfboard factory.

We invite you at anytime to come and inspect your board while it's getting shaped, sprayed and glassed.

The only way to get the right board is direct communication with the shaper and factory team.

We get as big a kick out of designing a board for a beginner as a pro.




'build a relationship with the surfer'

'custom fit the perfect board to their needs and ability'

'maximise wave count and progression in the water'






1. Design Consultation

We find out your ability and what you want out of the surfboard

We look at current designs and make custom modifications

We then discuss decals, sprays, tints, fins, carbon fibre and fin set-up

This is done with an experienced team member onsite or over the phone


2. Custom Shaping 

We select the appropriate Burford blank 

Start from scratch or modify an existing template

Notify you of when the shaping is finished

Ask you if you want to inspect the board before glassing


3. Sprays, Glassing & Finish Coats

Custom fin set-up installation

Custom spray on foam (if required)

Lamination : Cloths, Silmar resins, Decals, Resin Tints (if required)

Filler Coats, Sanding, Custom Spray (if required)

Finished Coats