Island hires a extensive range of surf equipment and accessories from the Smiths Beach store.

Everything you need to have a an awesome day at the beach is right here waiting for you.

Our expert team will always provide quality, correct sized equipment to ensure you get the best out of your day.

A price list of the most popular hire items is listed below.

For specialty items please contact the store.



Softboards : $12.50 per hour / $40.00 per day

All other surfboards: $15 per hour/ 60.00 per day

Wetsuits : $10.00 per hour / $30.00 per day

Board & Wetsuit : $20.00 per hour / $60.00 per day 

Bodyboards : $8.00 per hour / $25.00 per day

Fins/Flippers : $5.00 / $15.00 per day

Bodyboard & Flippers : $10.00 per hour / $35.00 per day

Mask & Snorkel : $4.00 per hour / $12.00 per day

Mask, Snorkel & Flips : $5.00 per hour / $15.00 per day

SUP (Contact for info) : $60.00 per day



ISLAND SURFBOARDS has been a fibre glass surfboard manufacturer on Phillip Island in Victoria for 43 years.

We have operated a Surfing Australia Surf School here for the past 18 years.

This combination has given us a unique understanding of surfboard design and construction, with regard to the requirements of a Surf School surfboard.

We have been working tirelessly for the last 7 years to continuously improve the design and materials used in our softboards.

Our shaper Glyndyn Ringrose (former WCT surfer, 20 years shaping experience and Level 2 coach) designed and shaped the board and plugs.

Today we export our softboards to surfschools all over the world and believe it is the best softboard on the market.



Designed for buoyancy and stability with volume /area plan shapes, flat decks and planing surfaces, combined with rugged durability.

Blanks are closed cell PE (poly ethylene) foam which is almost indestructible and will not absorb water.

Decks are non-slip, non-abrasive textured PE foam which does not require wax or sanding.

Slick bottoms are high quality UV stabilized HDPE (high density poly ethylene) which will not become brittle and crack.

Rails are super tough EVA foam (black or blue). Damage from being dragged through the car park, fin cuts, as well as nose and tail impact are minimized.

3 stringer construction is unique in currently available soft boards giving unmatched strength.

Lengths available in 6” increments from 5’6’’ to 11’0” with widths ranging from 20” to 26”.

Colour combinations: Decks – yellow, blue, red or pink. Rails – black or blue.

Prices are significantly lower than other comparable boards currently available.

Emboss your own Surf School logo into the deck for a thoroughly professional finish.