Monday : 18/06/18

Surf :  4-6 foot (1.20-1.80m)

Wind - SW

Weather : Overcast with sunny moments and windy

High Tide : 3.43pm - 1.83m

Low Tide : 8.32am - 0.25m & 9.11pm - 0.64m



Winter has seriously arrived this morning.....

Just a mess here at Smiths this morning with a solid wind swell of somewhere between 4 and 6 foot. Winds are stiff onshore from the SW and conditions are crazy at best. Lots of water movement here today for not much reward. Take heaps of care if you need to man up.

Open beaches are out of control with 6-8 foot closeout sets and an absolute frenzy of wind and rips and bombs dropping out of the sky....stay well away today

Cat Bay will be the only saving grace with wind blown cross offshore SW winds and semi clean conditions with waves in the 3-5 foot + range.

Another super deep high tide today will play havoc with the waves so avoid the peak of the high tide.