Sunday : 21/10/18

Surf : 3-4 foot (1.00-1.20m) waist to head high

Wind : WSW - W - S

Weather : Overcast - clearing later

High Tide : 9.33pm - 1.27m

Low Tide : 2.57pm - 0.74m


Swell has cranked up a notch this morning with waves in the 2-4 foot range here at Smiths with the odd 5 foot bomb. Winds are cross onshore from the WSW and conditions are bumpy but very surfable for all levels of experience.

Open beaches are solid with 4-6 foot sets and not so pretty as its basically too big for the banks and too much water movement for the average human.

Cat Bay will offer small semi clean waves in and around the high tide in the 2-4 foot range. Winds will improve here later as they swing more from the S-SE however the next high tide isn’t until late so get your timing right.

Winds are predicted to swing from the WSW to the W and then drop off and then later swinging again through to the SE with the approaching warm northerly that will blow on Monday.