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Peter our glasser wanted a board to ride when conditions got really good!  So we came up with this design which is the perfect board for the Mal rider when waves get a bit more shape, or a little bigger. 

The Black Coffey has a continuous bottom curve for maneuvarability at this length and single to double concaves for speed, lift and turns.  We also put a low rail with roll off the bottom for extra ease with initiating turns.  The Black Coffey paddles like a Mal but turns like a shortboard.  If your looking for performance in good waves this boards loves anything in the 2-10ft+ range, from small sucky waves to much larger.  Made with traditional , strong, volomn cloth, various fin set-ups and huge paddle power there is simply no other design like this on the market. 

With a 2 +1 (centre fin box and thruster sides) fin configuration, most guys ride this with a larger centre fin and smaller side stabilising fins. There are also 2 more versions of this model which have a traditional thruster setup and lighter glassing (one also has more volume in the nose).


  L      W            Th         Vol          Wgt

7'0     21           2 3/4      41.5       70-90kg

7'2     21           2 3/4      42.5      70-90kg

7'4     21 1/2     2 3/4      44.5      80-100kg

7'6     22          2 7/8      48.5      80-100kg

7'8     22 1/4      3           52.5      80-100kg

7'10    22 1/2     3           54.0      80-100kg

8'0     22 1/2     3           55.5      90+kg

8'2     23          3 1/2       67.5      90+kg


* Pricing for this model includes...

Plain white with black decals and a finish coat wet rub. Fin box & side stabaliser fin set up, and Strong glassing (6,4/6oz)

For custom sprays, tints, decals and finishes please call the factory on  (03) 5952 2578

Fins Plugs:
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