A modern take on an old classic, the Single Fin is made traditionally with tints, polish and a hand made glass fin but also boasts added performance.  This board will perform in any conditions from bechies to hollow reefs in the 1-6ft range. 

Surfing with smooth, flowy, clean lines this model has a low entry and exit rocker as well as lowish rails for speed, paddling and control.  The single to double concave ensures fast surfing comes with lift and turn. 

The Single fin gets you back to basics and teaches you to read the wave better and become a better surfer.  It is suited to anyone who enjoys smooth, flowy, traditional surfing.


  L         W            Th          Vol          Wgt

6'0      20           2 3/8      30.0      60-80kg

6'3      19 3/4      2 1/2       32.0      70-90kg

6'6      19 1/2       2 5/8      35.0      70-90kg

7'0      19 1/2       2 3/4      40.0      80-100kg


* Pricing for this model includes...

Plain white with black decals and a finish coat wet rub. Glassed in single fin, and Strong glassing (6,4/6oz)

For custom sprays, tints, decals and finishes please call the factory on  (03) 5952 2578

Fin System:
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