This is Greg's small wave high performance fish.  Staff (Sam and Kev) liked the sound of the Moon Doggie, and asked for a shortboard version that was fast, flat, loose and a good paddler.

It has a very low entry rocker for paddle and speed and low vee tail for easy rail to rail.  Concaves are single to double for speed, lift and turn and the rails are full and boxy for forgiveness and buoyancy.    This model comes with a 5 fins for quad or thruster setup and is designed to go best in beachies in 1-3ft. 

This board was made for the small wave enthusiast or the eternal grommet that wants to surf everyday.  This board allows you to surf more and perform when the rest of your short board quiver won't.  


  L        W          Th       Vol      Wgt

5'6    20 1/4    2 3/8   30.0   60-80kg

5'8    20 1/2    2 1/2    33.0   60-80kg

5'10   20 3/4   2 1/2    35.0   70-90kg

6'0    21          2 5/8    38.0   70-90kg


* Pricing for this model includes...

Plain white with black decals and a pro-finish. Thruster (3) fin set up, and Standard glassing (6,4/4oz)

For custom sprays, tints, decals and finishes please call the factory on  (03) 5952 2578

Fin Plugs:
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